Role Call

You aren’t always the main character in life. Sometimes, you are the trusty sidekick in your best friend’s story arc. Sometimes, you are the cameo appearance, flitting in and out of someone’s life and instantly changing it forever.

You play many roles, but more often than not, you are an extra in the background. You’re just another person passing by on the same street, just another shopper buying groceries at the same store, or just another passenger traveling to work on the same bus. Unless you are famous, chances are that you are just a stranger in over 7 billion people’s lives.

Not having a name, however, doesn’t prevent you from making a difference. You play many roles, and you play them all with purpose. You are the passerby who smiles at a complete stranger and brightens their day. You are the shopper who lets someone with fewer items cut ahead of you in line for checkout. You are the passenger who gives up their seat to a fellow weary commuter.

Your impact on the world shines through in every role you play. You are powerful. You are the change that you want to see in the world. And we want to hear your story.

This is our role call (pun completely intended) for innovators, volunteers, and world-changers. Whether you are volunteering your time, your money, or your energy, we want to highlight your story about making the world a better place. Whatever role you play, whatever difference you make in the world, we want to hear from you.

We don’t just want to hear from the people who have founded international nonprofit organizations, developed life-saving technology, or educated thousands of children (though we do want to hear from you too!). We also want to hear from you high school students planning fundraisers for heart disease prevention, you programmers who pick up litter at your local park, and you secretaries who spend your weekends boxing food at the local soup kitchen.

Giventure’s goal is to help anyone volunteer anywhere, anytime. As part of our mission, we want to highlight the amazing work that people like you are doing in your community every single day. Share your background, your journey, and your cause with all of us. You can message us through Facebook or email your piece to